At Physio Fit Adelaide we have set up our clinics to incorporate technology and gym equipment which can be used as treatment to help you regain the movement, strength and function you require to return back to work pain free.

Physio Fit Treatment for Workplace Injuries

In your initial workplace injury assessment we will:

  • Listen to you and your unique issue – we understand that being on work cover isn’t a great experience, we are here to understand and help you to achieve your goals in a safe environment working together as a team
  • Give you clarity on what is going on and answer any questions that you may have – a thorough understanding is incredibly important to get you the best outcome possible
  • Assess you and your current level of function – we treat you as a person and not simply what your scan may say
  • Begin treatment to get you out of pain so you can get on with your life
  • Work with you to create a unique and detailed management plan – including your goals, the causative factors for your issue, treatment options and a plan to get you back to 100%
Physio Fit Adelaide Treatment Clinic For Work Injuries

As a part of our management, we will have a specific focus on:

Guidance and Education

  • Management of symptoms at home and at work
  • Strategies to keep moving/keep active
  • Activity Modification
  • Medications
  • Scans


  • Practicing common tasks related to your work in a safe and comfortable environment
  • Strategies to complete the same task in new ways which will assist your recovery or reduce the chance of flare up
  • Build strength, mobility and endurance
  • Increase your capacity for full function at work

Active Rehabilitation

  • Home exercises for pain relief
  • Exercises in a safe and supervised environment
  • Strength exercises to build up your capacity and function
  • Exercise programs to be complete yourself at our onsite rehab gym or at a gym you already attend

Physiotherapy plays a significant role in managing the physical effects of a workplace injury and helping you return safely back to work. At the start of your recovery, we may use hands-on treatment in conjunction with exercise to help settle down your pain or discomfort. We will also provide you with advice and guidance on what you can be doing at home to further improve the rate of recovery in between visits with your physiotherapist.

Often physiotherapists will prescribe exercises to be performed at home, however this can be quite limiting as most people do not have the appropriate space or equipment to progress themselves past the basics. In an ideal world, you could join a local gym but this can feel quite daunting for someone who does not attend normally, or will now be attending with an injury. At Physio Fit Adelaide however, we can set up a membership to our onsite rehab gym through Return to Work SA. This means that you can complete your injury rehabilitation with us in an environment that is safe and familiar as well as using the exact equipment your physiotherapist has used and taught you with.

Modbury Clinic Reception Area

What to do if you are injured at work?

  1. The first priority is to always seek medical attention if you have just injured yourself at work. You should also report that you have been injured to your employer as soon as possible.
  2. See a doctor for an assessment of your injury. They will put together a plan for your treatment and let you know who else you will need to see (like a physiotherapist).

    If you have already lost time from work and know that you will be intending to claim through Return to Work SA, then you will need your doctor to provide you with a Work Capacity Certificate as well. This certificate sets out a recommended plan as well as the initial tasks you can continue to do safely while you are recovering from injury. Note: You can still start a work injury claim before obtaining this Work Capacity Certificate from your doctor, but it is good to get as soon as possible.
  3. Getting in contact with a claims agent – ideally together with your employer.

    To help speed up your claim, have the following information ready when you call:
  • Your preferred contact details
  • Your employer’s details
  • The details of the injury, including when and where it occurred
  • Any medical information you have, including which doctors or allied health professionals you have already seen
  • Treatment you are currently receiving
  • Any other information you feel would assist with your claim

Communication with your case manager and doctor

Part of our care and support is to keep in constant contact with your case manager and doctor. After your initial consult with us, we will provide a letter to your doctor and speak with your case manager so everyone is on the same page regarding your treatment. 

Physio Fit Adelaide has built strong relationships with workers, employers, doctors and case managers across Adelaide due to our thorough approach to active rehabilitation.

If you have any further questions about Return to Work SA claims, workers compensation, or the process of receiving treatment at Physio Fit Adelaide, please call us on (08) 7226 9901. All appointments under a Return to Work SA claim are bulk-billed, meaning there will be no out of pocket costs.

Do I need a Doctor’s referral to Physio Fit to be treated under work cover?

You will need a doctor’s referral to Physio Fit in order for you to be able to be billed under the Return to Work SA Scheme from day one.

However, if you do not yet have a referral to Physio Fit from your doctor then you will need to pay upfront for your Physiotherapy appointment & then claim back from Return to Work SA once your referral has come through and has been accepted by your case manager.

How often will I need to see the Physio for my workplace injury?

This will be completely dependent on your specific injury and the work that we are aiming to get you back into. We will aim to empower you to take control of your pain so that you are able to self manage your issue in the shortest possible time frame.

We will also set you up with strengthening exercises to increase your load capacity – which basically means to increase your capacity to handle the demands that your specific work may place on you. This is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle and we have a fully equipped gym that you can use as part of your work cover rehabilitation to ensure that there are no barriers between you and your goal of returning to work confident and pain free.

How can I book my initial Physiotherapy Workcover Consultation?

The easiest way to book your initial Physiotherapy Workcover Consultation is to call us on (08) 7226 9901 (Modbury clinic) or (08) 8340 4932 (Findon clinic) and our admin team will be able to help you out with everything that needs to be organised so you are good to go on day one!


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It is important that we help support the load of our amazing local GP’s during these testing times.


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