The aim of a bike fit is to determine the underlying mechanisms that may be contributing to your pain or discomfort while cycling. By performing a bike fit analysis, we look to identify and correct any misalignment or biomechanical issues that have the potential to impact upon performance or increase the likelihood of injury.

These contributing factors for decreased performance or increased risk of injury can be rider related, bike related or a combination of both!

Rider related – Joint range of movement, muscle strength and endurance, patterns of muscle activation.

Bike related – Seat height and tilt, crank length, handlebar stem height/length, cleat positioning.

Once these contributing factors have been identified, appropriate recommendations and adjustments can be made to address the cause of any symptoms or enhance the potential for an improvement in performance.

Cycling-Specific Musculoskeletal Screening

The aim of Cycling-Specific Musculoskeletal Screening is to identify the factors that may be contributing to injury and limiting performance.

We will conduct a comprehensive assessment to enable identification of:

  • Factors contributing to current pain or injury
  • Factors that may predispose an individual to future injury or injury recurrence
  • Factors that may be limiting current performance


Part 1: Cycling Specific Musculoskeletal Screening

Duration: 60 minutes
We will first obtain information regarding the following, to better understand you as a cyclist.

We will then complete a Cycling Specific Musculoskeletal Screening which involves an assessment of shoulders, spine, pelvis and lower limb strength, power, mobility and control. Performing a musculoskeletal screening prior to the bike fit allows us to identify areas vulnerable to injury or that may be currently affecting performance.

Part 2: Bike Fit and Video Analysis

Duration: 60 minutes

Measurements of your current bike set up will be correlated to your body measurements so that adjustments can be made where appropriate. These adjustments may also be influenced on the results of your cycling specific musculoskeletal screening results to ensure that any change that is made is done so with your specific strengths and weaknesses taken into account.You may be given cues to slightly alter or change your cycling technique and positioning so comparisons can be made throughout. Videos of yourself cycling with different adjustments and cues will be taken and discussed with you so that we can find the right bike fit for you!

Follow up appointments
Follow up appointments will vary depending on the findings of the bike fit analysis, the cycling specific musculoskeletal screening and what the individual’s current needs and goals are. Those experiencing pain may wish to continue with ongoing physiotherapy treatment where as those who are purely tracking performance may only need to be reviewed as necessary.

Whether your goal is to add 10kgs to your squat or to simply be able to play with your children, our physiotherapists can assist in developing an exercise program that is appropriate for your current level of health and fitness.


We are open! We have escalated our already stringent hygiene routines and are still here to support you. Whilst social distancing is important your pain and comfort is also our priority, which is why the Australia Government considers allied health an ‘essential’ service.


It is important that we help support the load of our amazing local GP’s during these testing times.


Should you be forced to self-isolate, or are in a high risk category, please call to discuss a video consultation - 

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