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I’ll have a large Nappuccino, please!

Feeling tired? Want to hear an incredibly effective strategy for hitting the restart button during a mid-afternoon slump?

Don’t just try to recharge with a cup of coffee… And don’t just take a nap…

Do both! Sounds crazy right, but this is actually a thing!

So, have you tried a Nappuccino before? 

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What is a Nappuccino?

When you’re feeling tired and you need a nap, you drink a cup of coffee, set your alarm for 25 minutes, and awake feeling refreshed and energised.

No tricks, just 2 simple rules:
1. You need to feel sleepy enough to want to nap
2. Keeping to a 25 minute nap is key (no more, no less)

Since it takes approximately 20 minutes for the caffeine to get into your bloodstream, you’ll be able to grab a quick 25-minute nap and wake up just as the effects of the coffee kick in.

Now I’m not saying you can just stay up all night and a Nappuccino will solve all of your life problems, but if you’ve been restless and not getting great quality of sleep lately, the Nappuccino might just be the kick you need in the middle of the day!

So, give it a go and let us know how you feel!

Secrets To Taking The Perfect Nap For Health

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