Patrick Thomas

Patrick graduated with a Bachelor Degree of Podiatry from the University of South Australia. He enjoys all aspects of being a Podiatrist and helping his clients! He has experience in many aspects of Podiatry including biomechanicspaediatricsnail surgery, routine nail and skin care

Learning from his own struggles with injury, Patrick has developed a keen interest in with sporting injuries of the foot and ankle. Certainly, a passion with sports and assisting his injured clients stems from a few injuries he has experienced himself. He believes that regardless of your injury though, it is possible to remain active during your recovery. Patrick will set goals with his clients for the short and long term, so that they keep active, positive and accountable through their healing process!

Conditions that Patrick particularly enjoys working with includes Plantar Fasciiitis (Heel Pain) and Achilles Tendinopathies. With many sporting injuries there is a root cause and Patrick will make sure to find out the underlying reasons why these injuries are occurring, so that you can work toward being pain-free. 

Patrick is an advocate of preventative management and will work with you to reduce the possibility of injury and pain coming back. Another important way to deal with pain is to consider the long term function as much as the short term pain relief. With this in mind, Patrick will work with you to build a stronger base of strength and control so that pain does not only go away but stays away for the long term!

In his spare time, Patrick is a Cricket tragic who loves playing or watching if he can’t. He enjoys catching up with mates and family, and is always up for a laugh!


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