We understand that being injured or in pain can be incredibly frustrating, especially with all of the conflicting misinformation on the internet about your specific issue.

At Physio Fit, our aim is to simplify the process so you can feel at ease from the start knowing you are in the right place, with all the information you need prior to attending your initial appointment – including understanding the Physiotherapy consultation fees and the value you can expect in your session.

Physiotherapy Consultations – What to expect at Physio Fit:

  • Listening – We listen to understand you and your unique problem so that we can achieve your goals
  • Assessment – We will provide a thorough assessment to get to the root cause of your problem
  • Diagnosis – We will give you an accurate diagnosis of what your issue is
  • Goals – We set meaningful goals together with you
  • Plan – We will work with you to create a plan to achieve your goals
  • We will also give you a detailed management plan with your specific goals, what your diagnosis is and what factors have contributed to your issue, rehabilitation exercises to begin on day 1 and a time frame we will aim to achieve your goals within.



Initial Physiotherapy Consultation: $125 – $135
Subsequent Physiotherapy Consultation: $93 – $103
Running Analysis: $149

**Fees may vary due to therapist experience and post graduate qualifications

The cost of a physiotherapy session in Adelaide will vary depending on many factors including:

  • The experience of the Physiotherapist – As with most professionals, it will often come with a higher fee to see a more experienced practitioner. This is sometimes due to further study in a particular area or simply due to extended valuable experience in helping people in pain over a number of years.
  • If it is a specialised appointment – If you are seeing a specialist, typically the Physiotherapy consultation fees will be much higher as the practitioner has completed a high level of further training in one specific area and is renowned for their work. Similarly to paying a higher fee when seeing a specialist medical doctor compared to your GP, seeing a specialist physiotherapist will attract a higher fee
  • The length of the appointment – Physiotherapy clinics will have different appointment times and this is a factor in the physiotherapy charges. At Physio Fit we strive to have 60-minute initial appointments and 30-minute subsequent appointments, compared to the industry standard of 30-minute initial appointments and 15-minute subsequent appointments. This is a key factor in many physiotherapy consultation fees.
  • The facilities available at the clinic – At Physio Fit we offer state-of-the-art rehabilitation technology in order to help our patients to achieve the very best result, however, this is not standard across all physiotherapy clinics, with many other clinics offering only a treatment room. Unsurprisingly, this too plays a role in the physiotherapy charges set by the clinic.

Is Physiotherapy covered by insurance in Adelaide?

Physiotherapy is covered by Private Health Insurance in Adelaide if you have the appropriate extras cover, which includes Physiotherapy treatment. Physiotherapy is one of the key components in most iterations of Extras Cover offered by Private Health Insurance companies.

When enquiring with your Private Health Insurer as to the benefit you will receive towards your Physiotherapy consultation, you will need to provide them with the cost of the appointment and the Physiotherapy Consultation Code; these are:

  • Initial Physiotherapy Consultation – 500
  • Subsequent Physiotherapy Consultations – 505
  • Extended Physiotherapy Consultations – 506
  • Group Physiotherapy Consultation – 560
  • Physiotherapy Class Consultation – 561

Is Physiotherapy covered by Medicare in Adelaide?

Physiotherapy is not covered by Medicare unless the patient has a Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Plan (Medicare EPC Plan). If you have a Medicare EPC Plan, then you will be eligible to put this towards the Physiotherapy consultation fee, however we do not bulk bill these at our clinic.

The reason we cannot bulk bill Medicare EPC Plans is because in order to sustainably offer this service, we would need to cut our consultation time in half. We as a team decided that this was not in line with our core value of “We Genuinely Care” because it would negatively affect the service we deliver to our patients; and therefore concluded that we would not bulk bill this appointment type.

If you would like to have your Medicare EPC Plan bulk billed, we will happily offer you a few local clinics that would be able to assist you with this.

We are NOT Preferred Providers

Whilst going to a preferred provider might sound good, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be…

Firstly, it doesn’t mean the provider is any better, it simply means that they have adjusted their fee schedule to meet a certain provider. In order to adjust fee schedules, often (not always) the length and quality of the consultations are compromised.

Secondly, whilst you no doubt will pay less of a gap per appointment (as the health fund will pay out more) this usually just means that you run out of your Physiotherapy cover faster! The overall limit doesn’t change, only the initial upfront amount from the health fund.

We believe in giving you the best quality Physiotherapy treatment and no doubt you feel you deserve the best in order to get you the outcome you desire.

We can help you to become pain free and achieve your goals, we look forward to working with you soon.


We are open! We have escalated our already stringent hygiene routines and are still here to support you. Whilst social distancing is important your pain and comfort is also our priority, which is why the Australia Government considers allied health an ‘essential’ service.


It is important that we help support the load of our amazing local GP’s during these testing times.


Should you be forced to self-isolate, or are in a high risk category, please call to discuss a video consultation - 

08 7226 9901 or visit Online Physiotherapy


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