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The Crossfit Open 2020 – Preparation & Recovery

2020 is upon us, a brand new Games season is already underway and the days ticking ever closer to another Open season! Are you going to partake?

Whilst many were sad to hear about the loss of the regionals, the worldwide test of fitness is still here – and for you, your number one competition is still here!

Have you hit some PRs this year?! Have you conquered a movement or mastered a new skill? Have you finally hit that benchmark workout Rx’d? Even though we thrive on the challenge Castro presents year after year, this is, unfortunately, a time you also hear about people getting injured or perhaps exacerbating something that’s been lurking as a niggle for a while.

The fact is, people are pushing themselves and getting close to the limit more than usual. There’s nothing wrong with that, but how best can we avoid getting set back with an injury?

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Start Increasing Intensity

If you’ve been doing CrossFit for a while now, you may already know that the intensity you find in open workouts is something else. The best way to prepare yourself is to work up to that intensity in the lead up to the open. Find some mates and hit previous Open workouts at the day and time you intend to do so during this year’s open.

Aside from this, being aware of the kind of conditioning the Open brings. Burpees, rower calories, thrusters and box jumps are common grunt work as these things are more easily measurable then our 400m run on the pavement. Think about the kinds of time domains we’ve seen previously and emulate this in your training sessions

Skill Practice

A big separator on the leaderboard is the ability to do certain skills. For some, this will be the double unders, for other this may be higher level gymnastics such as handstand push ups or muscle ups. Getting better at a skill requires frequent, good quality practice. If you haven’t touched on some of your skill work recently, now might be the time to knock the dust off before someone is judging your workout.

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This is crucial. It’s all of the other stuff outside of the gym which has a direct impact on your performance. Are you sleeping enough? Are you eating enough of the right things? Are you hydrated enough?

There are multiple aspects we can consider under the umbrella of recovery. Much of it is after the fact when we think about performance. But you may wish to consider these things:

  • Enough, good quality sleep before attempting your Open workout
  • Hit some mobility drills relevant to the workout the day before; e.g. if there are thrusters, may want to consider thoracic spine and hip mobility
  • Eat enough good quality food; this should hopefully be a no brainer. But if you’re feeling flat during workouts. Reach out and get some guidance!
  • Stay hydrated!! I think this one is super important particularly for us Aussies during the Open. Its a really hot time of year for us to workout in non-airconditioned sheds. Drink water. No brainer, just do it. 

Injury Prevention

If you have a niggle, or an old injury giving you grief… Do something about it now!! There is still time to start implementing targeted exercise to address the bodily concerns you may have. There is so much information out there to help you troubleshoot however it is quite the task to wade through everything you could find on the internet. If this is the case, come in and see us in the clinic so we can provide you with the appropriate information and exercises you need! We are more then happy to give you some guidance along with any tips and tricks to help you be the best you can this Crossfit Open!

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