A sprained ankle occurs when your ankle ligaments are overstretched, usually by your ankle being turned inwards with pressure applied down onto the joint (normally that added pressure is simply your own body weight!). Ankle sprains vary in their severity, from mild  “rolled ankle” sprains through to severe complete ligament ruptures, avulsion fractures or broken bones.

On the outside of the ankle lie the lateral ligaments which are the most frequently injured in an ankle sprain. The two most commonly injured include:

  • Anterior talofibular ligament (ATFL)
  • Calcaneofibular ligament (CFL)

What contributes to an ankle sprain?

People who play running and jumping sports where there is a risk of landing on someone else’s foot or an uneven surface, or people who work on uneven terrain. It can also happen to people with poor balance.

It is generally caused by landing or stepping on an unstable surface. People with poor balance or awareness of their ankle position will often then put increased stress through their joint causing either immediate pain or accumulating to cause ongoing pain.

What can we do about it?

In general, our process will be trying to reduce your pain as quickly as possible so that we can start to get you nice and strong again! To reduce your pain we can use a variety of different techniques including massage, dry needling and taping. 

Once your pain is reduced we can get you back to moving well and strengthening the surrounding muscles to take the load off of the joint itself to give you great long term results!


We are open! We have escalated our already stringent hygiene routines and are still here to support you. Whilst social distancing is important your pain and comfort is also our priority, which is why the Australia Government considers allied health an ‘essential’ service.


It is important that we help support the load of our amazing local GP’s during these testing times.


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