The Lizard Pose – Hip Mobility Exercise for Runners

Before we talk about Hip mobility, I want to clear up the use of the words mobility and flexibility. They are commonly used to talk about the same thing, however, they have subtle differences. Mobility applies to the joint’s overall range of motion, whilst flexibility applies to the muscle length itself. Both are important for …

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Ankle Sprain Image

Ankle Instability

Lateral ankle sprains (LAS) are common musculoskeletal injuries with a high prevalence among the general population and individuals who participate in sports. Despite the high prevalence, it is reported that approximately 50% of individuals who sustain a LAS will seek medical attention; and the worrying statistic? A large proportion of those who sustain a LAS will develop …

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patellar pain

A guide to Patellar Tendinopathy

Pillars for health and fitness – Patellar Tendinopathy  Patellar tendinopathy is a common overuse disorder typically occurring in athletes who participate in sports that require jumping. Also known as patellar tendinitis or tendinosis, it typically results from overstress and progressive trauma to the patellar tendon. Relevant Anatomy The patella tendon is located just below the …

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