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How to prevent back injury when lifting weights

In the clinic, we often see gym goers presenting with upper, middle, or lower back pain from lifting weights, through exercises such as deadlift and back squat. Does this mean that lifting weights is bad for your back? It certainly doesn’t, and whilst there is a risk of back injuries, there are numerous strategies we …

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Sciatica Physiotherapy Treatment – Fast, Reliable & Safe Results

Sciatica, or sciatic pain, is a term used to describe symptoms of pain, pins and needles, or reduced muscular control due to sciatic nerve root irritation. When the sciatic nerve root is compressed in the lower lumbar spine, symptoms can be felt along the pathway of this nerve, starting at the lower back, and travelling …

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Correct Deadlift Technique And Position Blog Post

Lower Back Pain During Deadlifts

It’s quite common to see people avoiding deadlifts as a result of the negative stigma surrounding its correlation with low back pain. Honestly, I think that’s rubbish. Deadlifting is commonly used as an end-stage rehabilitation exercise to strengthen the low back and glutes. But why is an end stage rehabilitation exercise for low back pain …

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