Injury Prevention

tennis elbow physiotherapy patient with dumbbell

Physiotherapy for Tennis Elbow – Treatments, Exercises, & Advice

Lateral epicondylosis, better known as tennis elbow, is the most common cause of overuse injury in the elbow that we see as Physiotherapists. It can also be one of the most frustrating conditions for people because it often occurs in their dominant arm and is quite resistant to old traditional treatment methods that are still …

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Ankle Proprioception Exercises

Proprioception exercises for ankles

Proprioception defines our awareness and perception of where our body is positioned in relation to space. This is fed from our visual and vestibular systems, which play an integral role in balance and stabilisation. As a multi-directional, weight bearing joint, ankle sprains are one of the most prevalent injuries to occur in athletes and non-athletes …

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Running Analysis 5.2.2 (2)

Tips on Injury-Free Running From a Physiotherapist Who Runs

Running has a large participation rate in Australia with an estimated 1.2 million Australians aged over the age of 15 participating in running each and every year. Running has so many health benefits, both physically and mentally, however due to the demands on the body, it is also an activity that results in pain and …

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Copenhagen Exercise For Groin Rehab

Adductor Strength & Injury Rehab For Sore Groin

We’ve been seeing a fair bit of groin issues in our clinic recently! Including one of our own receptionists (who is a soccer superstar) right now! This may be because a lot of people are in the thick of pre-season training and matches! Running, kicking, change of direction and rapid stop-starting are considered contributing factors …

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Correct Deadlift Technique And Position Blog Post

Lower Back Pain During Deadlifts

It’s quite common to see people avoiding deadlifts as a result of the negative stigma surrounding its correlation with low back pain. Honestly, I think that’s rubbish. Deadlifting is commonly used as an end-stage rehabilitation exercise to strengthen the low back and glutes. But why is an end stage rehabilitation exercise for low back pain …

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